Dubai Clinical MastersTM Program
in Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry

Dubai: 2 - 5 November, Dubai: TBA
a total of 7 days on location + online learning


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2 on location sessions with hands on practice in each session + online learning and mentoring

This comprehensive aesthetic curriculum is composed of 100 hours of learning in four blended online and offline modules, covering all aspects of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. It is unique due to the fact that each module covers a whole range for several specific topics of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. For each specific topic, a focus module has been designed including a hands-on exercise. The overall course covers ,esthetic analysis and design,anterior composite restorations, posterior direct restorations,conservative indirect esthetic restorations, prosthetic restoration of endodontically treated teeth, all-ceramic restorations, anteriors etchable ceramic restorations.

session I (31 March- 2 April 2016): 2900 euro, session II (autumn 2016): 3450 euro

Clinical Masters Program Faculty

Angelo Putignano

Francesco Mangani

Ed Mclaren

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Dubai: 2 - 5 November, Dubai: TBA
a total of 7 days on location + online learning

Curriculum fee:
€6900 for the entire program

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Participants must always be aware of the hazards of using limited knowledge in integrating new techniques or procedures into their practice. Only sound evidence-based dentistry should be used in patient therapy.

The detailed program of this course consists of two on-site sessions with hands-on practice, plus online learning and mentoring under the supervision of the Masters.

Dubai Session November 2, 2016 - November 5, 2016

Angelo PutignanoMD, DDS

Francesco ManganiDDS, MD


Anterior Composite Restorations

  • Part 1. Anterior Composite Restorations
    In the last ten years composite materials made dentistry more conservative. Nowadays borders between operative and prosthetic dentistry are very difficult to point out. Nevertheless techniques become more difficult to realize with a complex treatment plane and new concepts to learn. During the lecture some of most innovative techniques will be showed to reach aesthetic success, respecting periodontal and dental tissues.
  • Hands-on course: Anterior Composite Restorations-Part 1
  • Part 2. Anterior Composite Restorations
    • Colour parameters
    • Shade selection
    • Layering
    • Finishing
    • Polishing
  • Hands-on course: Anterior Composite Restorations-Part 2.

Posterior Direct Restorations

  • Part 1. Posterior Direct Restorations
    The reliability of adhesive techniques and the increased aesthetic requirements of the patients impose the review of the classics concepts about the restorative dentistry. Adhesives and correct choice.
  • Hands-on Posterior Composite Restorations- Part 1
  • Part 2. Posterior Direct Restorations
    • The main of the theorist-practical course is to illustrate the characteristics of the materials, the possibilities of use, and the clinical sequences of the most recent techniques for the conservative restorations of the vital and not vital teeth with direct technique.
    • Cavity preparation
    • Adhesion and post-op senitivity
    • Shrinkage
    • C Factor
    • Contact point and emergency profile
    • Anatomical layering
    • Finishing and polishing
    • Finishing and polishing
    • Composite Restorations – Part 2

Conservative Indirect Esthetic Restorations

  • Esthetic Planning (Shape,dimension, color)
  • Wax-up and Immediate Mock-up
  • Cavità preparations: parameters for a correct choice
  • Impressions
  • Composite Resin or porcelain ?
  • Try-in and adhesive luting procedures
  • Finishing procedure ( materials and techniques)
  • Clinical longevity of restorations: Analisys of the bibliography
  • Hands-on: Indirect Anterior Restoration

Conservative Indirect Esthetic Restorations

    • The indirect restoration of posterior teeth
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Cavities drawing for indirect restoration: “inlay, onlay and overlay”
    • Imprint
    • Choice of material: composite resin or ceramic?
    • Adhesive cementation: which material to use?
    • Techniques and tools for a simplified finishing and polishing
    • Educational Films “3D”
    • Cases and clinical demonstration movies
    • Analysis and comparison of the results in the literature
    • Pre-reconstruction (block-out) of the access cavity
    • When and why to use a pin to support the “block-out”
    • Rational choice based on scientific evidence of the design of the cavity depending on the number and type of walls remaining
    • Educational Films “3D”
    • Cases and clinical demonstration movies
    • Hands-on: Indirect Posterior Restoration

Dubai Session Dates to be confirmed.

Ed MclarenDDS, MDT


Etched Ceramic Restorations Course (Part I)

  • LECTURE 1: Material Selection Guidelines and The Bonded Functional esthetic prototype (BFEP’s): Technique
  • DEMO: STEP-BY-STEP fabrication of (1) Coe-putty tray relief matrix on cast provided, (2) Clear Triad Tray (3) Clear VPS matrix of cast of wax up, (4) BFEP’s on Typodont using composite with clear matrix a BFEP’s (bonded mock-up)
  • HANDS-ON: Participants fabricate (1) Coe-putty tray relief matrix on cast provided, (2) Clear Triad Tray (3) Clear VPS matrix of cast of wax up, (4) BFEP’s on Typodont using composite with clear matrix
  • LECTURE 2: ECR anterior preparations: standard preparations, preparations for Diasthema closure, preparations based on final shading requirements, mini- veneer preparations, and no-preparation clinical indications.
  • DEMO: Esthetic Ceramic Restoration preparations for teeth #5-#11 (standard veneer #5, veneer with lingual offset # 6, pegged lateral #7, veneer incorporating mesial fracture #8, standard veneer prep #9, mini veneer prep #9, standard veneer prep #10, standard veneer prep #11)
  • HANDS-ON: Esthetic Ceramic Restoration preparations for teeth #5-#11

Etched Ceramic Restorations Course (Part II)

Morning session – Treatment concepts with implants in the esthetic zone – How can we achieve a natural looking implant crown?

  • LECTURE 3: Posterior ECR preparations (inlay, onlay, Vonlay), Conventional and Chairside CAD-CAM fabrication technology
  • DEMO: Preparation of an Inlay #2, onlay #3, and Vonlay #4, Demo Block out and margin elevation
  • HANDS-ON: Participants complete Inlay #2, Onlay, and Vonlay #4 preparation on Typodont, block-out and margin elevation #3
  • LECTURE 4: Bonding (resin cementation) ECR’S- ADHESION AND CEMENTS
  • DEMO:Step-by-Step Demonstration of cementing an Anterior and Posterior ECR restoration on a Typodont
  • HANDS-ON: Participants cement 1 anterior ECR on a specially prepared Typodont following the technique demonstrated.


The proper space management, contour, surface texture, and polish can take average looking restorations and create an exceptional esthetic result. These steps are critical to the success of dental restorations weather it is composite or porcelain.

This is a lecture and hands on course that uses composite as a medium to design, form, contour, finish and polish anterior teeth. The lecture part of the course will cover the step-by-step process of managing the design of 6 anterior teeth for a specific maxillary arch relationship. Specific guidelines for esthetic tooth arrangement both in size and position are the key elements taught during this course. Micro-esthetic elements of surface texture, and polish will be covered in a very systematic easily learnable format.

The demonstration and hands on part of the course will be taking 6 maxillary teeth that have been built up as 6 oversized blocks of composite prior to the course and specifically determining the correct esthetic parameters of midline, tooth length and width, inter-tooth width relationships. Once these parameters have been determined the step-by-step process of creating these macro-dental esthetic relationships will be demonstrated and participants will do the same. Micro-esthetic parameters of form, contour, surface texture, and polished will gone over in great detail and participants will accomplish all these important skills

Topics Covered:

  • Space management and Shaping 6 anterior teeth in composite
  • Contouring 6 anterior teeth in composite materials and techniques
  • Texturizing 6 anterior teeth in composite materials and techniques
  • Polishing 6 anterior teeth in composite materials and techniques

Prior to the course participants are to make a cast with removable dies (e.g. pin-dexed cast) from the impression that is provided of the 6 maxillary prepared teeth. Participants are also to pour a solid cast of the full contour teeth, which is the second impression provided. Participants are then to build up composite in any shade (the shade I use is BL from the Venus Pearl system) to over contoured crown shapes. The size and shape of the cast generated from the second impression should be copied as close as possible. The teeth are then ready for the start of the course.

Each participant will need a high-speed friction grip handpiece, and a slow speed handpiece with a straight nose cone and a contra-angle attachment.

Ed Mclaren DDS, MDT

Dr. Ed McLaren is a prosthodontist and ceramist, he has written over 80 articles and one book on his techniques and research related topics. He is currently the director of the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry that provides a full time residency in esthetic dentistry and also mini-residencies for practicing dentists. He is also director of the UCLA School for Esthetic Dental Design, which provides full-time and mini-residency programs for lab technicians.

Angelo Putignano MD, DDS

M.D. degree and D.D.S. post graduate certificate from University of Ancona-Italy. Full professor in Restorative Dentistry at School of Dentistry Polytecnique University of Marche-Ancona-Italy. Head of Operative dentistry and Endodontics department at School of Dentistry Polytecnique University of Marche-Ancona-Italy. Dean School of Dental Hygienist Polytecnique University of Marche-Ancona-Italy.

Francesco Mangani DDS, MD

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery, Francesco Mangani became a specialist in Dentistry. He is presently an Associate Professor at the University of Trieste and an Associate Professor at University of Rome. He is also an active member of the Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry and a member of the Board of Directors.

Dubai Session


By Metro

The Dubai Metro is one of the most advanced public transport systems in the world, featuring driverless trains, air-conditioned stations.

Dubai Metro’s two lines cover a large part of the city: the Red Line runs from Rashidiya and Dubai Airport through the city centre and along Sheikh Zayed Road; the Green Line goes through some of Dubai’s busiest districts in Deira and Bur Dubai.

The Dubai Metro is a swift, smart and reasonably-priced way for visitors to get around the city – and to see large parts of it, from the Metro’s elevated tracks. With its extensive system of brand new feeder buses, much of Dubai is now accessible by Metro.

By Taxi

Taxis are relatively cheap in Dubai but can be hard to find during peak times. Make sure you know a well-known landmark close to your intended destination as taxi drivers cannot always keep up with the ever-expanding nature of this city.

Popular attractions

Dubai Mall

Travel to the four corners of the world in one day at the world’s largest mall, an elaborate building dedicated to the art of luxury shopping. Take a gander in department stores including Bloomingdales and Marks & Spencer, ice-skate opposite Hershey’s, become a pinball wizard at Sega Republic … or go wild on Fashion Avenue!

Burj Khalifa

What if tropical flowers bloomed in the desert? The world’s tallest building was modelled after the hymenocallis flower bursting into life. Once you get over the 830-metre glass and metal façade emerging from the unforgiving Arabian Desert, you’ll find a curious collision of residential and commercial space inside, including At.mosphere, the world’s highest restaurant.

The Dubai Fountain

If this fountain were a Hollywood film, its name would be ‘Dances with Water’. Watch water transform into rainbow-coloured light rays that shoot upwards to the sound of world music. It’s a whimsical sight that will delight the whole family, especially during the evening shows from 18:00–23:00. Look familiar? The same company created Las Vegas’ Fountains of Bellagio.

Desert Safari

Experience an exciting adrenaline pumping thrilling ride on a desert safari in Dubai! The afternoon begins by heading towards the desert for a thrilling ride through the majestic high-rise dunes of the Fossil rock region.

After this adrenaline pumping ride we continue our trip to a camel-breeding farm and from there to our Bedouin campsite in the middle of the desert. On the way you will have the opportunity to take some pictures of the spectacular dunes as we stop for refreshments and watch the golden sun set over the desert.

After we arrive at the campsite you have the chance to ride a camel, unwind by smoking an aromatic shisha or enjoying a chilled drink before we serve a delicious BBQ dinner. A belly dancer will introduce you to the art of Arabian entertainment before we leave the desert and head back to Dubai.

Recommended restaurants

Zuma Dubai / One&Only Resort at Royal Mirage

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A tip of 10% is usually expected for hotel and restaurant staff if service charges are not included in your final bill. It's appropiate to tip taxi drivers a few extra dirhams.


Local insights

Dubai is tolerant and cosmopolitan and all visitors are welcome. However, Islam is a way of life. Visitors should be mindful of cultural and religious sensitivities for the duration of their stay.

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