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Onsite training in locations across the world are continually being added. Tribune CME's primary mission is to deliver comprehensive, hands-on training in leading-edge dentistry on a global scale – with ongoing support and complementary training accessible online.

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Education & Event Manager

Sarah Schubert

phone: +49 172 7642348
e-mail: s.schubert@dental-tribune.com


Ulyana Vincheva

phone: +359 2 416 7173
e-mail: u.vincheva@dental-tribune.net


Bénédicte Claudepierre

phone: +49 176 32779 590
e-mail: b.claudepierre@dental-tribune.com


Ben Adriaanse

phone: +31 30 635 5070
e-mail: adriaanse@dental-tribune.nl


Hashim Hasan

phone: +92 300 820 1214
e-mail: medical@super.net.pk


Ilia Brodetski

phone: +7 495 921 4069
e-mail: brodetski@dental-expo.com


Ronald Pintar

phone: +386 41 347 655
e-mail: ronald.pintar@fibernet.si

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