About Tribune CME

Onsite training in locations across the world are continually being added. Tribune CME's primary mission is to deliver comprehensive, hands-on training in leading-edge dentistry on a global scale – with ongoing support and complementary training accessible online.

Our Standards of Excellence

for the Clinical Masters Programs and the Clinical Courses

  • Lifelong learning concepts for an ever-changing industry
  • Access to high quality training institutes anywhere, anytime
  • Efficient blended learning concepts with clinical focus
  • On demand, live mentoring sessions with experts and peers
  • Practical training in the faculty’s own environment
  • Marketing and branding opportunities for graduates
  • Global promotion and transparent organization

Tribune CME provides worldwide blended education and mentoring opportunities for dental practitioners through

  • Certificate programs
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Mentoring programs
  • Alumni programs
  • Advanced & Clinical Programs

Global Centers of Excellence

  • Access to online lectures and clinical videos 24/7
  • Practical training at specialized training facilities of renowned faculty members
  • Worldwide graduation sessions and certification by leading regional universities
  • World-class faculty in prime locations

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